How to Make Lightning Clouds, A Novel by John Grisham and Brian De Palma

A new novel by John Griffin Grishambas is finally out!

The story, Lightning Clouds by JohnGrisham, is an adventure story of two men in a dark place: a young man who lives in a tower on the outskirts of a village, and a man who’s just come out of a secret war.

Grishambles latest novel, Lightning Arrows, will be released on December 16th.

He also co-wrote a screenplay with Jason Blum that will be directed by Kevin Smith, and he’s currently writing the novelization of the upcoming film adaptation of The Shining.

Grimes latest novel is the first in a trilogy.

Lightning Towers is set in the world of The Last Unicorn, while Lightning Dawn is set on the world’s first moon, and Lightning Angels is set several years after the end of The Phantom of the Opera.