Glocks blue, white label,DNA diagram labeled: A look at the gun-maker’s new blue and white label for the pistol

The Globe and Mail | Posted May 27, 2018 11:21:21The Globe and Min­eralsblue and white gun-makers’ new blue label for their pistol, the DNA diagram, says it’s meant to help shooters understand the safety of their gun.

The gun manufacturer, Glock, announced Wednesday that it’s adding a new color to the gun’s label.

It’s a “high-visibility, high-contrast” color that comes in two variants.

The first is the black, white and grey color, which it calls “the new glock blue.”

The second, which will go on sale in spring 2019, is called “the Glocks white.”

The blue and grey labels, which are part of the Glock brand, have been available since April 2018, and were already on the market.

They were first offered for sale in the U.S. as Glock pistols in May 2019.

The gun maker says the new labels are meant to encourage customers to purchase Glock pistols, rather than Glock pistols.

“We wanted to provide our customers with a clear way to better understand our pistols,” the company said in a statement.

“We know that many are still looking for a clear answer as to whether the new Glocks model is the right fit for them.

With this change, we want to provide a clear, easy-to-read way to help those customers understand what they are buying and the safety benefits that are available.”

Glock said the new colors, which have a similar look to the blue and gold colors that have become a standard for guns in the United States, are “inspired by the look and feel of our most popular model, the Glock 22, which is the industry standard in the market.”

The company said the color will be available in two sizes.

The full-size gun will be black and white, and the half-size, grey and black, and will be sold as Glock’s standard pistol.

The DNA diagrams that came with the pistols are also going to be available, as are Glock’s other product lines, including the DRA, or digital pistol safety system.

The company said its other brands, including Glock, would remain unchanged.

“The colors are meant for shooters to be able to clearly understand what their Glock is doing in their hands,” the statement said.

Glock is working on the new gun’s new labels.