A water bottle label project for a $50m water bottle project in Victoria

The $50 million water bottle projects that the Victorian Government is working on in the Hunter region are being funded by an initiative known as “clean label”.

The $50M clean label initiative is a collaboration between the Hunter River Foundation and the NSW Government.

The NSW Government is partnering with the Hunter Rivers Foundation to develop and test a new water bottle and bottle label product for its water conservation initiative.

The Hunter River Trust was awarded the project by the NSW Department of Environment and Heritage Protection, in October 2016.

“It is an incredibly important project, and one that has really focused the Hunter Region on water conservation and the water supply to our community,” said Dr Dan Lehr, who leads the Hunter Valley Water Supply and Conservation Authority (HVSSCA).

“This initiative is helping to create a brand new label that is able to identify the water you drink and can make it available to people when they need it.”

Dr Lehr said it was a big deal to be able to help with the label design process.

Dr Leh said the NSW Water supply management department was also working with the NSW Watershed Management Authority to develop the label for the water bottles.

“They are doing a great job of working closely with the Foundation and their partners, and the Hunter Water Supply Management Authority, on the label project,” he said.

“We’re hoping to have it ready by the end of February.”

Dr Lee said the clean label projects were expected to cost between $2 million and $3 million.

“It’s an exciting opportunity for the Hunter, and we’re excited to work with the City of Sydney and Hunter River to develop these new labels,” he added.

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