Glock-like pistol with trigger puller, safety, and sights

Posted January 07, 2019 03:36:50 Glock-style pistols are getting a lot of attention, but are they worth the hype?

And is the hype justified?

The answer is no.

While many consider the Glock 17 a “good looking” handgun, it is not exactly a Glock.

Instead, the Glock is a subcompact handgun.

The 17’s design is similar to the Ruger .40 S&W Model 23, and its design is also similar to that of the Smith & Wesson .40 ACP.

It is also based on the original Glock 17, which was the first pistol to incorporate a trigger pull feature.

The Glock 17 features a trigger-puller safety that provides “an effective safety feature when the trigger is pulled and an additional safety feature in the event of an accidental discharge.”

While the Glock 18 is currently the only “glock” handgun available, other manufacturers are also developing their own subcompacts.

One of these is the Glock 19.

It’s called the Glock 20.

The gun features a similar design to the Glock 22, but it has a more ergonomic grip and comes in a more compact size.

It also features a more modern slide design.

While Glock models with trigger pulls are generally considered to be better value, it’s worth mentioning that the Glock 21 is one of the best-performing pistols ever made.

It was designed to be “the best handgun for the price,” and the gun is in demand by law enforcement agencies all over the world.

The Glock 19 is the gun of choice for the LAPD, and it’s the gun most of us would buy if we were ever in a situation where the law enforcement agency wanted a Glock gun for use in an armed confrontation.

This means that you can buy a Glock 19 with the trigger pull option, or you can use a trigger safety.

The latter is more secure than a trigger trigger pull, and is a great option if you’re going to be in a non-threatening situation and can’t use a firearm in that situation.

If you do choose to use a safety, the gun will only have one safety setting, and only one round to pull.

The trigger pull is one reason why you would want to consider a Glock, but you don’t have to buy a gun to get one.

Many gun manufacturers have created custom Glock models that can be used in situations where a gun can be loaded into the gun and fired quickly without the need for the gun to be loaded and ready for use.

It can be a useful tool if you want to quickly get a gun into your pocket or holster, or it can be the only gun you have in your arsenal.

A Glock 19 can be purchased in several different colors.

You can also pick up a Glock 17 and convert it to the 19-style, and you can also buy the 17-style as a carry pistol.

The 19- style is an improvement on the 17, but is it worth it?

The 19 is an excellent pistol for the money.

It comes in at a very reasonable price, is light, and offers a very good balance of power.

The only drawback to the 1911-style is that the gun can only be fired one-handed, but that doesn’t matter if you use it to defend yourself.

You can pick up the Glock model 17- style for about $350 or more.

The 19- model is $350 more expensive.

The other option is to buy the Glock 26, which has the same trigger pull as the 17.

The 26 is slightly heavier, but offers the same pistol weight and size as the 19, and also features an integrated safety.

If the 26 is not your style, you can still find a good Glock on the market for $500 or less.

While it’s not a very expensive handgun, there are some drawbacks to the 26.

For starters, the 26 has a “low-capacity magazine.”

This means it has two rounds of ammunition, instead of one.

It has a slide-mounted safety that only works on the left side of the gun.

And while it’s a good pistol, you’ll likely need a good trigger pull to get the most out of it.

In terms of safety, you’re likely to want to pick up one of these guns if you ever need to use one in an altercation.

However, there is a third option, which is to simply buy a handgun that comes with a trigger bar.

This allows you to put the gun in a holster and use it in the field without having to remove the trigger.

You’ll find these guns on the range and in many law enforcement vehicles, as well.

You will not need to buy any additional accessories for your Glock.

This includes a trigger guard, a flash suppressor, and a trigger.