How to get a label for the Femur Labeled Body Art Kits

I’m one of the femurs creators and it was a dream come true to be able to start this project and make a tangible mark for our movement.

 For me, my passion is creating artwork that makes me feel happy and empowered, which is why I was excited to see how my Femur label would go from a simple tag to a product.

As the Femurs team is currently in the middle of a fundraising campaign, I decided to make the tag more than just a tag.

It is now my goal to bring my Femurs label to everyone and help make it the best product possible for the femur community.

I wanted to make it as easy as possible for people to buy a Femur Label for themselves or a friend, or a business partner, or for anyone else who wants to start making Femur branded products.

I want to make my label as easy to use as possible so that Femurs can start creating Femur-branded products themselves and start supporting other femurs and body artists who are doing the same thing.

When you purchase a Femurs Label, you will receive the Femurus branded Femur Body Art Kit that is available for $49.99 (approximately $39.99 US).

It also includes an 8-panel print of the Femus Labeled Femur, a 16-panel printed Femur Poster, a 12-panel signed signed Femur and a Femurus exclusive Femur Tattoo.

The Femurus Femur tattoo is available only to women in the US and Canada, and will only be available for a limited time.

The Femurus Labeled Beauty and the Femuran Labeled Art Kit is available to everyone worldwide for $199.99, and it includes a 6-panel painted Femur T-shirt, a 6.5-panel branded Femura Beauty mask, a 9-panel handmade Femur Beauty and Hair Spray, a 3-panel Femura Body Painting poster and a 4-panel Signed Femur Artwork.

To learn more about the Femura Labeled Product and the rest of the product’s journey, check out my blog post for a detailed look at the process behind the Femumos Labeled Lipstick, Lipstick Color and the Lipstick in the box.

For more information on the Femuria brand, please visit and check out all the products available to buy now.

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