How to make the perfect eye shadow for your eyelashes

Here are five simple steps to make your eyes look more natural and more beautiful.


Add mascara.

Make sure you get mascara that works for your eyes.

You can use a product like the one pictured above to make sure your lashes are full and the product is long-wearing.

Make a long curl on the end of the mascara tube.


Apply a little mascara.

Apply mascara to the inside of your eye and blend it.

You’ll want to keep it in place so that the mascara won’t lift or fall off.


Apply concealer.

Apply eyeliner to your eyelid to make it more defined and less prone to smudging.

You might want to wear a black concealer for a better contrast.


Apply powder.

Apply blush to your cheekbones, nose, and upper lip.


Blend mascara again.

Blend the mascara to make a dark, even color.