The UK’s top 10 companies with the biggest tax breaks

Business Insider The UK is the only country in the world to pay less tax on its trade than the EU, according to a report released today.

The report by the Tax Justice Network (TJN) shows that Britain’s tax regime paid £2.8bn in tax on UK exports last year.

That compares with the EU’s €3.6bn, which was the UK’s highest tax rate.

This isn’t the first time TJN has looked at UK tax laws, and it is likely to be the last.

TJN says this is because the UK has a relatively small size compared to the rest of the world.

The UK is home to the largest number of multinationals in the EU.

TJS is one of the biggest, accounting for almost 30% of the EU total, and owns a large share of the UK-based insurance company AXA.

The TJN report also says the UK tax regime is “not designed for a global economy.”

It says the tax regime should be used to “focus the tax burden on companies in Britain, rather than the rest or the EU.”TJS has defended its tax arrangements in the past, arguing that it does not pay UK taxes.

However, it was forced to withdraw from the EU in December after a leaked letter from an EU official to UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson, which the government later said was fake.TJn says the Brexit process was the main reason for this, and that Britain has a “much better position” than other countries to negotiate its trade agreements with the rest, including the EU and other countries.

It also says there is “a clear need for a new tax system that is designed to incentivise multinational companies to reinvest in UK manufacturing.”Read more