Why a ‘shocking’ CNN video about skull bones could hurt your wallet

The story behind a controversial CNN video that has been viewed millions of times and garnered more than a million views has become the subject of an online discussion.

The CNN video, which showed a young man being shown a skull that had been buried in a cave in Mexico, has been making the rounds on social media and has generated heated debates on both sides of the debate.

The clip shows the young man, identified only as “Jack” in the video, walking through a jungle, pointing to a large skull that he claims is the skull of an adult female.

Jack claims to be an archaeologist who has been excavating a cave near the town of Soto Blanca, Mexico, for the past 10 years.

The cave is believed to be where the ancient Mexican civilization first emerged.CNN’s reporting on the skull bones sparked a backlash, with many people questioning the veracity of the story.

One of the commenters on the CNN video wrote that “the fact that you think you know about archaeology is not evidence of your knowledge of archaeology.”

“The fact that this young man has been shown these bones shows he is not qualified to be a geologist,” he wrote.

“I would argue he is a psychopath.

The fact that he has even been shown the bones shows that he is mentally unstable and dangerous.

You should be ashamed of yourself.”

Others on social news sites such as Reddit said the young boy is a fraud.

“He is not the real thing,” one Reddit user wrote.

Another added that Jack is a “fake” and “the guy who posted it is a fake.”

“Jack is not a real geologist.

He is a scam artist,” one commenter wrote.

Jack also denied his claim that he was in Soto Blanco, which he said is a town of 10,000 people.

He said he was visiting the cave and that he went to the cave after seeing the skull and told his family to take it home because he thought it was a dead body.

The young man also said he had taken a photo of the skull while he was there.

CNN’s video report showed Jack taking a photo as well, which was then used as evidence to back up his claims.CNN did not immediately respond to a request for comment.