How to label your iPhone XS, XS Max, and XS 4s screen with stickers

A new iPhone X sticker has been spotted on the front of a Chinese phone, revealing the features of the upcoming phone.

The new sticker, which features the words “Sailor Moon”, appears on the rear of the iPhone X, iPhone X Plus, and iPhone XR.

The sticker’s colors are red, blue, and purple.

The iPhone X is expected to ship in March 2019.

It is not clear if the new sticker will be a feature of other phones, or if the feature is only for the upcoming phones.

The XS4s has also been spotted with the new design.

The Chinese phone company is known for its bolder branding, and the sticker is certainly no exception.

The first thing that jumps out is that the phone is adorned with a pink, pink-and-orange logo.

The logo is on the back of the phone, and has a pink dot, and a white dot, indicating that it is the “iPhone X”.

The next thing that comes to mind is that it has an image of the Sailor moon.

It’s also quite obvious that this is the iPhone logo, because there are no dots on the logo.

The design of the sticker does not feature any other prominent features.

It looks like a sticker for the phone.

Apple’s XS line of phones was the first to offer an OLED display.

OLED displays have the ability to deliver a “slim” feel to your phone, which is a key selling point.

However, they are also not the best option for displaying photos and videos.

The XS Plus is a much smaller, thinner phone.

The top of the XS is just a few millimeters taller than the top of an iPhone X. The screen is just 10.5mm thick, with a resolution of 1920×1080.

The display on the XR is a little larger, and uses a 1080p display.

The company claims that the X4s and XR will offer similar displays to the iPhone, and that they will use the same technology for the X. It will also be able to support the new A10 Fusion chip, which will be unveiled in March.

The stickers will likely be sold in China, as they have been seen on the top shelf of stores, in stores that sell iPhones, and even in a few Apple Stores.