What is the bone labeled ‘black’?

A bone labelled “black” is a bone that has been labelled with a black marker.

The bone is thought to have been found in the body of a man in the town of Bijbehara in southern Iraq, who died on June 18.

The discovery was made after forensic examination of the body revealed the bone had a black label.

The bones were reportedly from a man who was buried in the same cemetery as a relative.

The source of the bone is not yet known.

It is possible the bone was buried after the man died.

The body has not yet been formally identified.

The official story has been widely condemned.

The bones were found after a person was found by digging in the mud of a field.

Forensic examinations of the site uncovered two of the bones.

The first one was labelled “white”, the second one was labeled “black”.

This could mean that it was a black bone.

According to the Iraqi government, the two bones are from the same man, but are different from each other.

The government’s official story is that the two were from a different grave.

Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi has said that the bone found was the remains of the deceased man’s uncle.

Abadi, who has spoken about the discovery of the remains, said the remains belonged to the uncle of the victim’s family.

The man’s family said the bones belonged to a relative, who was not identified.

The bone labelled with the black marker was found in a grave in the cemetery.

The relatives of the man’s relatives had told Al Jazeera that they believed the bones were those of their relatives.

Abed Rabbo, a human rights activist in Iraq, said that these bones were the result of a long-standing dispute.

“The relatives say they are burying the bodies in the grave because their relatives were killed in a car accident,” Rabbo told Aljazeera.

“They were not killed in an accident.”

The relatives had been unable to bury the bodies due to the military rule of the Iraqi president, Nouri al-Maliki.