zebra-like printer helps you print cute animal images

Zebra-style printer is getting ready to go into the wild.

The printer is the brainchild of a couple in India who want to use the printer to create cute animal prints.

The couple has started a Kickstarter campaign to make the printer a reality, and the printer has already raised over a million dollars from a crowd of backers.

The prototype printer can print a zebra, elephant, or crocodile print with the help of a custom printer ink, which is designed to be very durable.

The ink also comes with the option of printing a range of different animal prints using a variety of different types of materials, including animal skins and feathers.

The device is currently the subject of a lot of interest in the design community, with a variety for it to be printed on leather, human skin, plastic, and even glass.

The print that the couple has been using so far is a print of a zodiac sign and a skull with the letters of the animal.

Zebra print is one of the first animal-inspired print products in the world, which also includes printed versions of the zodiac signs and skulls, as well as many other animals and animals-themed objects.