The world has spoken: Sarcomere, a French brand, has been labeled “un-American” by President Donald Trump

Sarcomeres brand has become synonymous with sexual liberation and feminist ideals, but some are now calling the company a racist product that glorifies oppression and racism.

Sarcomeres products, including the vagina-sized tampon and its reusable applicator, are often seen as a counterpoint to traditional feminine hygiene products, like tampons, as well as feminine hygiene devices such as wipes and wipes pads.

The brand, founded by two French women, is now in danger of losing its trademark as Trump prepares to nominate a Supreme Court justice.

On Thursday, the Trump administration approved an executive order that would revoke the trademark from Sarcomerees products.

It would be the first time the Trump Administration has revoked a trademark, according to the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office.

In a statement on Wednesday, Sarcomers president, Jean-Claude Sarcomereau, said the company was disappointed by the decision.

“The American people have shown that they do not want a product with the words ‘feminism’ or ‘patriarchy’ on it,” he said.

“We respect the law, the Constitution, and the democratic process, but our values are different.”

The U.K.-based Sarcomerer is owned by the company’s parent company, Parr, which has a majority stake in the brand.

The brand has been a popular item at U.N. conferences, as women have used it to sanitize their bodies during menstruation.

Saraes founder, Jean Pierre Sarcome, has said that Sarcomereness is a “radical feminist product that has been created to be used by women as a tool to liberate themselves from the patriarchy.”

But some have called Sarcomereth a racist and sexist product.

In a statement issued by his company, the company said that its tampons are designed to help women to avoid the use of tampons by women who are not able to fully use them.

“Saraureres tampons offer the opportunity for women to have a safe, reliable and feminine hygiene product without having to fear using the traditional feminine products, such as tampons,” the statement said.

Saranosere’s tampons also come in a range of colors, including white, purple, pink, blue, red, orange and pink.

“This has become a brand with the goal of empowering women by giving them a product that is more feminine, more sensual, and more comfortable,” the company added.

The Sarcomeret products come with a lifetime guarantee, and Sarcomerette is selling the tampons for about $40.

The tampons will be available at retailers, and some of the companys product is sold through online stores.

Sarrereau is now trying to raise the $250,000 needed to fight the Trump order.