How I learned to be a better person

When it comes to learning new skills, it’s always a good idea to go through a bit of an introspective phase.

When I was young, I had no idea what a “learning” was.

In my early 20s, I was still pretty much just doing what I was told.

Then, in the summer of 2016, I began to notice a strange pattern in my life.

Suddenly, I could not seem to stay focused on one thing.

My brain was starting to wonder what I should do next.

I began getting excited about the possibility of learning something new.

I started to get the feeling that my life had potential, and that I could be a great person.

But the feeling never quite left me.

As I tried to work out what I needed to do next, I came to realize that I had forgotten something.

The next step in my journey to learning to become a better human being was to take my life into my own hands and create a plan for what I wanted to learn.

As a result, I now have a plan.

My plan is a series of six steps that I’ve taken to improve my life, and to help others along the way.

I’ll be releasing a series every few weeks to highlight how I’ve changed my life in the past few months.

So, for those of you who want to follow along, I’ll let you in on the plan first: I want to learn how to read.

I want a new career.

I’m trying to learn a new language.

I like traveling.

I think my life has potential.

I don’t know where to start.

This is a short introduction to the steps I’ve followed in order to improve myself and help others.

This isn’t a “how to learn to read” article.

It’s a guide to building a plan to learn more about reading.

And to help you along the journey of self-improvement.

I hope you find it useful.

I know I will.


Start by thinking about your strengths and weaknesses.

Ask yourself what you are good at.

What are you good at?

What are the things you can do to make yourself a better reader?

What is your most effective way of learning?

If you have a weakness, ask yourself if you have the ability to change that weakness and create new ones.

If you don’t, then it’s time to start looking at ways of improving.


Find out what you can improve in the first place.

Do you have an inner sense of self?

Do you feel a sense of being a good reader?

Are you a person that enjoys reading?

If not, then maybe you need to think about how you can start to do that.

If so, then you’re ready to learn what you need.


Identify the skills you need and develop the skills that will allow you to learn them.

There are lots of different kinds of reading.

You might be a good student.

Or you might be someone that can be a reader but doesn’t feel like a reader.

Or, you might have a certain reading style that makes you uncomfortable, but that doesn’t require you to change it.

If it doesn’t sound like what you’re good at, it could be because you have other strengths that are not working for you.


Create a plan that will help you learn the skills.

This can take the form of a list of skills you want to improve, a set of activities you want your new hobby to focus on, and a list for activities you’ll try out together.

If this sounds daunting, it might be because it is.

As you start working on your new hobbies and activities, it will be tempting to focus only on reading and learning.

But, as I’ve learned, it can take a while to develop a routine that fits your reading goals.


Learn to focus.

You may have a book that you can’t stop reading, and you’ll be tempted to just read it all over again.

Or maybe you don�t want to read at all.

You need to learn one skill that you will never be able to master and will probably never have the time to master.

But that doesn�t mean you have to read all the way through a book.

You can try reading it a couple of times a day, just to see how it works for you before committing to it.

You will have a better understanding of how it feels to read, and how to make that feeling more comfortable for yourself.

And if you do want to, you can keep reading until you find something that works for your reading style.


Learn a new skill.

Some people have a lot of interests.

Others don’t.

Sometimes you want a hobby that will require you a lot more than just reading.

Maybe you want an appreciation of art, or a history lesson.

And sometimes you want something that is just something you can learn.

This doesn� t mean that you have no skills.

Many people can do