Why is ‘Drake’s Illmatic’ still the best rap album of 2016?

Drake is in the final stages of the last leg of his solo career.

The Canadian producer/actor and the pop artist are both at the end of their respective runs with albums, with the former’s Views debut, 808s & Heartbreak, ending his run in 2016 and the latter’s A$AP Rocky 2 coming out in 2019.

But the former has only two albums to his name, and his best-known record, Illmatic, is still widely regarded as the best of the group’s career.

So how do we know which of these albums is the best, and why?

And how do they compare to each other?

Illmatic, the Best of 2016 The fact that Drake’s Illmamatic is the only album on this list that has been released since 2016 is a pretty good indicator of how good the artist is.

Its release coincided with Drake’s debut album, 808’s & Heartbeat, which was one of the year’s best albums, and one of its greatest pop hits, featuring one of hip-hop’s most beloved rappers, Kanye West.

While 808s is the album that has most people talking, Illmamatys release was overshadowed by Drake’s much-hyped Views debut.

Views is considered the album of the decade, and is widely regarded to be the best hip-hip album of all time.

With a year to go before the album is due, it’s hard to say how Illmatic stacks up.

But in a way, it seems as if its the best.

Illmatic features an impressive array of influences, including artists like The Weeknd, Future, and Lil Wayne.

Drake and Kanye West’s collaborative Illmatic is a collection of the best moments of both artists’ careers.

The song is one of their best-remembered collaborations, and its infectious production and flow is just one of Kanye’s most memorable hits.

Its a shame that Kanye’s Illmatys album was overshadowed.

Its a fantastic album, but Illmatic’s release coincided almost exactly with Kanye’s death, which left a void in the rap world.

It was also only released in 2019, so it’s only now that Drake is officially done.

If youre looking for a hip-hopper, Illmmatic is an easy choice.

While Illmatic was a solid album, it has no chance of winning the best album of a hip hop artist contest.

Drake has an incredibly diverse catalogue and the production on this album is stellar.

But Illmatic doesn’t just stand out.

Its got all of the same great features, from the beautiful production and lyrical themes to the infectious production, and the album has some of the most infectious beats of all-time.

It even comes with some of Kanye Wests best tracks, including “Bound 2” and “Famous,” which make it a good candidate for the album to be his final work.

Illmamatic may not be as good as Kanye West or Jay-Z, but its worth a listen.

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