Why Apple’s new printer is better than the ones that come with Macs

When it comes to Apple products, you may have to make a decision based on the price, but there are also cheaper options that are more feature-packed.

Apple has been working on a new printer that’s aimed at users who don’t want to buy a new machine or get another one for free.

The new printer, called the Precision i3, will reportedly be more affordable than the $1,500 printers that have been on the market for years.

The printer’s main competitors, the Precision 2, are cheaper than the Precision 3, which is also aimed at a niche market.

But the new printer will reportedly feature the same features as the older model.

Apple says the new Precision i5 will be available in October, but we’re hearing the printer will be ready in November.

The company also said the printer is a bit thicker than previous models, which makes it a bit easier to insert objects, and that the new model will be thinner than the previous ones.

It will reportedly have more features than previous printers, including a customisable backlit LCD screen, an integrated webcam, built-in audio and an embedded laser pointer.

It will also have more power and storage capacity, with the new version boasting up to a 10.2-inch display and an Intel Pentium processor.

The new printer also comes with a new software, which Apple says will allow users to customize the printer with more than 70 different themes, and a host of other options.