You may be able to get your $25,000 back from the new $100,000 Samsung Galaxy Note 8

In a post on Twitter, Samsung’s VP of Global Product Marketing Ryo Matsuyama said that the Galaxy Note 10.1 (codenamed “Korean” in the post) will receive a new “proper” color in early December, as reported by The Verge.

Matsuyamas added that Samsung will begin shipping the phone on Dec. 20.

The new color, dubbed “Red,” will come in three colors: Red, Green, and Yellow.

As for the Galaxy S10, Samsung is also making a color change for the S10 edge: Red will be available in the Galaxy 10.2.

The phone’s S-Pen stylus will also get a red version, along with the ability to change the camera lens color to match the device’s display.

If you’re looking to get rid of your phone’s sticker, the phone will also be receiving an “insurance” sticker.

The “Insurance” version of the phone’s battery will also come in different colors: Blue, Red, and Green.